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WILD OATS, a fresh take on traditional texas

To us, Texas is big open skies & vast pastures, cowboy hats & cattle, Sunday church whether we liked it or not,
tubing & two-stepping, Spanish moss & cactus, Blue Bell ice cream & grass under our feet.
Modern art in Marfa, Deep Ellum, Buc-ees, Fiesta in San Antonio, South Congress, Gilley’s & Gilhooley’s.

Wild Oats is our love letter to the Lone Star State and the cultures and ingredients that make it so dang special.

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“Texas food is easy to stereotype, and this restaurant is about rejecting those stereotypes and showing the underbelly of our state—the ingredients, people and cultures that make it one of the most diverse in the nation. From tortillas searing on a comal to fresh Gulf Coast shrimp to the frozen margarita, our goal is to celebrate true Texas cuisine.”