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WILD OATS, a fresh take on traditional texas

To us, Texas is big open skies & vast pastures, cowboy hats & cattle, Sunday church whether we liked it or not,
tubing & two-stepping, Spanish moss & cactus, Blue Bell ice cream & grass under our feet.
Modern art in Marfa, Deep Ellum, Buc-ees, Fiesta in San Antonio, South Congress, Gilley’s & Gilhooley’s.

Wild Oats is our love letter to the Lone Star State and the cultures and ingredients that make it so dang special.

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“Texas food is easy to stereotype, and this restaurant is about rejecting those stereotypes and showing the underbelly of our state—the ingredients, people and cultures that make it one of the most diverse in the nation. From tortillas searing on a comal to fresh Gulf Coast shrimp to the frozen margarita, our goal is to celebrate true Texas cuisine.”


felice simmonsfelice simmons
16:22 03 Apr 24
Rob HanlenRob Hanlen
00:09 23 Mar 24
Best chicken fried steak ever. Mashed potatoes and green beans are outstanding
Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson
18:39 16 Mar 24
Came on a very slow Saturday and had what was to my surprise, the best Chicken Fried Steak, I've had in years. Gotta stop by again.
Kathy WagnerKathy Wagner
23:01 15 Mar 24
Kristi is so amazing we love her so much. She makes every visit to wild oats fantastical. She treats us like family. The food is spectacular. Highly recommend.
Michael WolfordMichael Wolford
02:58 11 Mar 24
March 10. Sausage sourkrout sandwich, tator tots. First time there. Main door is behind underbelly building.
Jeff CeynarJeff Ceynar
02:34 03 Mar 24
This place has wonderful food. We got the fajitas and chicken fried steak which were some of the best we have had. The shot of chili was the perfect size to try. It was very good. Had Pecan pie and Dr Pepper cake both were fantastic.
My go to is the Pepper Jelly with an Old Fashioned. I always sit at the bar and the service is great!The atmosphere is simple but cute.
Jay FrancisJay Francis
19:43 12 Jan 24
Saw Tanji Patton’s show on Wild Oats and their chicken fried steak. So, tonight was the night to try it. Well. It wasn’t bad, but, bacon is cheap. So if you’re spending all that money on a good cut of meat, I think wagyu?, why would you top it with bacon flavored gravy and green beans and make it taste like bacon? Asking for a friend.I mean, it tasted good but it just seems weird to use such an expensive cut of meat for this type of bacon gravy flavor profile.
Megan GileMegan Gile
14:59 07 Jan 24
Love the vibe. I had the Bless Your Tart seasonal drink, delicious. Charred Romaine Salad & Butternut Squash soup, very good. I had promised my 2 year old a cheese burger for lunch, the kids menu unfortunately did not have one but the waitress was incredibly sweet & help me get one ordered from Underbelly. Amazing service!
Michael BenissanMichael Benissan
02:59 09 Dec 23
Our dining experience here was amazing, and I was delighted to have made it to this location in the first week of being open to the public. The pork belly in the lettuce wrap was well seasoned, grilled to tender perfection and paired deliciously with the pickled onions in the wrap. I also enjoyed the wood grilled chicken which was flavorful all the way through. The banana tres leches and Dr Pepper cake are both excellent recommendations for dessert. Your choice will probably come down to a preference between bananas and chocolate. Special mention of our server, Cassidy, who took such great care of us. Certainly will be back here again.