Chris Davies, Executive Chef

Born in Egypt, Chris Davies has a deep love for middle eastern cuisine. Having honed his skills in Chicago, He made his way to Houston to be chef de cuisine at Hai Hospitality’s first Houston location, Uchi in Montrose. Originally hired at Underbelly Hospitality to be the opening executive chef for a future project, Pastore, Davies has been at the helm of Wild Oats since its opening in March of 2022. He will be the opening chef for Pastore in the Spring of 2023… we keep telling him it’s real. We aren’t sure he believe us anymore. Davies loves the Mariners (which we only forgive because they lost to the Astros), feel free to heckle him when you see him.

Favorite dish at an Underbelly restaurant: pho carpaccio at Georgia James

Favorite spot for a shifty: La Carafe